Craving for cakes, cupcakes, tarts?

Whatever your interest may be, whatever favourite flavour and topping you have, we can personalise your cake to have the perfect combination of elements for your birthday, special occasion, wedding, celebration, baby shower, engagement.

Do you, or someone you know, need some serious cheering up this year? Remember when we were kids and parties were supposed to be fun, not work?

We can do that as adults, too. What if we throw a party that’s specifically designed to make us laugh the whole day (or night) through? Can we do this?

Yes we can. Cakes.chantek will help. We will customized the party according to the theme which includes the cupcakes, cakes, favors, chocolates and etc.


Chocolate Lollipop Favors

Chocolate lollipops make the perfect party favors. They are great for Birthdays, Weddings, Showers, Classroom Parties and any other occasion where you want to hand out beautiful and delicious favors. Yummy!

Interested ...please email me at


More wedding....thank you Alicia


A simple door gift for a simple wedding ....thank you Alicia for the wonderful 1000 pcs cuppies.

Wedding.....thank you Shahril

I didn't realized it was almost weekend......finally i finished baking almost 800 pcs of cuppies for Shahril's wedding ( door gift)

Happy Birthday Saskia ....Lady Gaga

Close: No order/collection and delivery from the 17th - 21st November

Dear Valued Customer,

We are sorry to inform that we are close from the 17th - 21st November 2010.

chocolate moist cake

Happy birthday Sharmila

more cupcakes .........

Chocolate chip cuppies ...for a birthday celebration..

Choc Chip cuppies with buttercream icing

I am sorry as i am unable to post the pictures of the cupcake ......something is just not right with the camera . but managed to save only a few pix but it's not that clear.

Thank you Deepa ......

Chocolate chip cupcakes with lemon frosting

It was a crazy weekend ....and lucky thing it was a public holiday last friday. The wedding was on Sunday.....delivered 550 boxes ....


Baby Shower

Baby shower cuppies for Jennifer's client. Thank you so much for your support.
Jenn works in an  event company and she is  responsible for all the major events. She called me last week and enquire about chocolate chip cupcakes. She asked if i could bake about 500 pcs of cuppies for a baby shower event. She said she wanted me to do the same cuppies like i did before. 

Once again , thank you Jenn

Chocolate Cake with buttercream icing

Shaleen is 3 on 22nd Oct
thank you Vila .....

Updates , updates

I have not been updating my blog lately as i was busy baking for few events .....baked about 500 pcs of  vanilla cuppies for PANTAI HOSPITAL ( event for MAKNA) , baked about 550 pcs of chocolate cuppies for a wedding function and baked about 300 pcs of vanilla cuppies for a birthday function. I will post the pictures soon.

 My weekends are always busy and it's almost end of October. Wow!!! amazing....thank you, thank you so much for your support!

Vanilla n pineapple cupcakes - 200 pcs

Thank you Laila ....these cupcakes are especially made for are so kind and you have a good heart !

Chocolate Chip cupcake - 200 pcs

This is  for an event , held on last Sunday...customer ordered about 200 pcs

Thank you ....

Chocolate moist cupcakes

Thank you was a last minute request from Kim's auntie ...


door gifts for wedding .....single box and vanilla cupcake

door gifts ( 600 pax ) ..thank u Kamal

single box and vanilla cupcake

Cupcakes for Hen's Night

The perfect cupcake to end a delicious meal, celebrating a brides Hen's Night. Unmentionable decorations were suggested but I went with delicate and pretty, it also gave me an excuse to make some overly feminine cupcakes for a change. I am sorry as i can't post the pictures in this blog ....( xxx rated )  hehehehe!! but any way please give a call and we could further discuss. Yummy and reasonable price !!!

chocolates - door gift for a wedding

thank you Maisara......i was so excited when i received the call from Mai...requesting for door gifts for her wedding.. 800 boxes ...

Timeless - vanilla cupcakes with rich buttercream frosting n edible

thank you Timeless

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