Craving for cakes, cupcakes, tarts?

Whatever your interest may be, whatever favourite flavour and topping you have, we can personalise your cake to have the perfect combination of elements for your birthday, special occasion, wedding, celebration, baby shower, engagement.

Do you, or someone you know, need some serious cheering up this year? Remember when we were kids and parties were supposed to be fun, not work?

We can do that as adults, too. What if we throw a party that’s specifically designed to make us laugh the whole day (or night) through? Can we do this?

Yes we can. Cakes.chantek will help. We will customized the party according to the theme which includes the cupcakes, cakes, favors, chocolates and etc.


Something special

Vanilla cupcakes with butterfly sugar paste

Min order of 25 pcs . Vanilla cuppies with buttercream frosting 

Red Velvet cuppies with cream cheese frosting

The based of the cuppies is not sweet and it has a rich chocolate taste & blends well with the cream cheese frosting. Min order of 16 pcs 

Pineapple cupcakes with rich cream cheese frosting


Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting or you could opt for buttercream frosting
 min 16 pcs


Moist Chocolate Cake

1 kg moist chocolate cake with buttercream frosting 

Thank you Sim ....

Ben 10 - Vanilla Cuppies

Thank u , thank u...Mr.DJ


Cupcakes - Vanilla with buttercream frosting

Football Fever (World Cup)

Happy Birthday IS 

Moist Chocolate Cake - 1kg

Happy birthday Gary 

Butter cake - 1kg

Thank you Wan !!

Cupcakes - Vanilla with buttercream frosting, fondant n edible image

Edy's engagement

Butter Cake - 1 kg

Thank you Tricia!

Cupcakes - vanilla chomel

thank you Tricia!

Cupcakes - vanilla chinta

Thank you Edy !

Baby Shower

Celebrate the birth of the new arrival with our baby cupcakes!
Wonderfully miniature in size with all the taste of any of our cakes,baby cupcakes are thoughtful and unique gifts to celebrate a new life. Our baby cupcakes can be ordered for a range of baby events such as baby shower parties.


Leisa birthday

We celebrated Leisa's birthday recently and i made about 12 pcs of cupcakes
( Vanilla - Chinta) .

Vanilla cupcakes - baby shower

i received a call from Aida last nite and she wants to order a few pcs of cuppies. Well, me being  so excited immediately said ok and not realizing that i have 3 more orders to do. I started baking at 9pm and finished everything by 1am. At that moment, i told myself finally !!!! while packing the cuppies then i suddenly realized that i have 3 more batches to do. Wow! i quickly mixed butter, sugar and etc once again in the mixer. Hahahaha......finally when it was all over it was almost 3.45 am.


Butter cake with buttercream icing

1 kg - butter cake with edible image & buttercream icing

Cheese Tart

Mini size - 25 pcs ( RM 35)
minimum order 25 pcs
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